Can Hypnosis Help You Lose Weight?

HypnosisThe Effect Of Hypnosis On Weight Loss

Over the years a correlation has developed between hypnosis and losing weight. When most people try to lose weight they have a hard time giving up specific foods such as potato chips or ice cream. The problem is people crave foods high in salt and sugar. A lot of times these cravings occur at specific points of the day and ignoring them is extremely difficult. When an individual has established a pattern regarding the way they eat it can cause them to have consistent problems with their weight. The reason hypnosis is often so effective is because it can help an individual change their established eating patterns.

Changing Attitudes Regarding Specific Foods

When an individual turns to hypnosis to try to lose weight their hope is that they can change the way they react in specific situations. The foundation of losing weight is in the choices a person makes. When an individual constantly makes the wrong food choices they will gain weight. Hypnosis give a person choices they did not recognize before. Since an individuals subconscious is unable to differentiate between what is a fantasy and what is based in reality a new perspective can help them reach their weight loss goals.

Changing Thought Patterns

One of the benefits of hypnosis is that it has the ability to change the way a person thinks. Most people connect their identity to the images and thoughts that are always running through their mind. This is what gives them their sense of who they are. When an individual is hypnotized it can change their thought patterns and the ideas they have regarding their body. This puts them in the position of being able to observe their thoughts instead of being at their mercy.

Making Changes To Your Story

There are techniques that can be used to lose weight. Not only do thought processes play an important role in the way an individual sees themselves but an individuals stories are critical. One thing most people have in common is they believe what they tell themselves more than what they hear from others. Words are important because they play a significant part in a persons actions. People are meant to change and grow but if they do not believe it is possible it will not happen. A good example is someone who is always telling themselves they can’t live without ice cream. If they change this thought pattern to I used to be addicted to ice cream it can help them get past the need to eat this particular food.

Understanding Your Needs

When it comes to losing weight there are two main opinions. Some people believe the problem is food while other believe it is deeper than that. They believe food is being used as a crutch to help people deal with their emotions. When you have a deep craving for a specific food you need to figure out what triggered the craving. You may be feeling lonely, insecure, anxious, depressed, etc. When you pinpoint the cause of your cravings you can deal with emotions in a healthier way. Instead of eating something high in salt you can substitute an invigorating walk or a relaxing bath.

Using Hypnosis Effectively

When you use hypnosis as a tool to lose weight you are changing the way you think. It can take as long as a month of hypnosis to successfully change your thought processes permanently. The best way to begin is by finding and listening to the right type of hypnosis session. By listening to it every day your though processes will begin to change. A good hypnotherapist you trust and feel comfortable with can be of incredible assistance. You have to believe in the person you choose because if you don’t that person will not be able to help you achieve your goals.

Why Hypnosis Is Not Always Effective

Sometimes hypnosis is not a solution and it will not work. If an individual really does not believe in hypnosis it will not be effective. A persons thought processes can work against them. There are also certain medical conditions and drugs that will prevent people from being able to lose weight.

Weight Loss Success Stories:

Hypnosis helped her lose 140 lbs –

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Get the Task Lighting Right in Your Home

In Living Room Lighting

livingNot every house’s living room has the same purpose. Some people use their living room when they have family or friends over and it is an entertaining room only. Others use the room to watch television in and to do any number of other activities in. No matter what your living area is used for you need the right type of lighting to suit your needs. The lighting you choose needs to be accommodating to the size of the space and to the many purposes of the room. There are many ways to brighten up a room and give it the look that you desire.

Table lamps offer task lighting that can be very appealing and can provide the ambiance that you are looking for. Having a few table lamps situated throughout the room is a good idea. Matching lamps placed on end tables looks very symmetrical, or if you prefer mixing and matching, then place the lamps in different areas about the room. Or you can throw convention to the wind and purchase lamps that do not match and then position them in whatever manner is most fitting to you in the living area.

Floor lamps present an excellent option for your living room. They provide a light source in spaces that tend to be awkward for design. The wonderful thing about floor lamps is that they take up very little space in a room. If you are searching for a fun and creative choice, then wall sconces might be right for you. While wall sconces do not give off a great deal of illumination, they complement paintings and photographs when placed near them. They also look very attractive when positioned on either side of mirrors.

Another fun, catchy and versatile means of illuminating your living room is to strategically place hanging fixtures such as chandeliers and pendant lamps about the room. If you want to bring a glow to the room Feature Articles, then these decorative lamp choices can do the trick nicely. These types of fixtures offer the element of surprise because most people who enter a room do not expect them. This can be an interesting touch when you have company over.

Make sure though that your ceilings are high enough that you do not have to worry that anyone will bump their head on your hanging lights. Fixtures such as this are fitting for rooms where ceilings are at least 9′ in height. Experiment with a variety of options to give your living room a special mix. Track and pot lights are other alternatives but often are not the most suitable options for the lively and busy living room in a home.

In bed/desk top lighting

Brighten your bedroom desk lamp styles, finishes and shade options to choose to provide a quick and simple update, With the economy and real estate markets going haywire, many homeowners today are hunkering down and enjoying their homes more with high end décor and more refined furniture and lighting, planning on a longer stay in their current home.

Fall back in love with your home one room at a time. Start just by adding decorative lamps in your bedrooms. With this in mind, Capitol Lighting and offer a few suggestions to brighten your bedrooms with new desk lamps and other bedroom lighting options to choose from. There’s no need to remodel (unless that’s the plan), when you can simply add and improve your bedroom lighting and brighten your bedroom up a tad with a few desk lamps or table lamps.

If you have a large bedroom with a reading nook, adding a Fine Art Lamps such as floor lamps or torchiere lamps near the area where you prefer to read your favorite book gives new light to the area. Or, add a new shade to your table lamps and desk lamps to make the whole room feel new.

Even if your bedrooms are on the smaller side, pairing tall, desk lamps on side tables flanking a bed can add just the right element of drama and sophistication to brighten your bedroom by drawing the eye up. Smaller bedrooms require more creativity when you need to brighten the space. A smaller bedroom doesn’t mean you should use small light fixtures. By using larger desk lamps or nightstand lighting, you can add a dramatic effect with scale visually, all while providing more than adequate light sources to read, relax and enjoy your bedroom.

When using new lamps, desk lamps and other bedroom lighting options, remember portability is key. All lamps are portable and can be placed in different locations to help brighten spaces that need more light or need to be better lit for specific tasks like reading. If your bedroom has no ceiling light fixtures, the use of portable bedroom lighting and desk lamps pointed towards the ceiling, walls or a poorly lit corner of a bedroom can reflect light and provide a soft glow to minimize shadows and can help you fall back in love with your home for many more years of enjoyment while making your bedroom a true sanctuary.

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Womens New Fashion Kitchen Cooking Aprons

There are great aprons out there with great style and pizazz. Just because you are cooking in the kitchen or on the grill doesn’t mean you have to settle for the typical, boring apron. And furthermore, there are wonderfully stylish aprons available that are affordable and made out of great quality. They are as follows:

ProChef Premium Bib Apron

What’s make this apron so awesome is the spectacular design that’s great for men and women. It’s a premium lightweight fabric that can stand against wrinkling, shrinking, and ripping. Another valuable feature is that the fabric is soil release, and this apron consists of long ties, adjustable neck strap, and double pockets. With the adjustable neck strap, long ties, and its dimensions, this apron is one size fits all.

FAN LE Cherry Cupcake Multicolored Cotton Canvas Apron Women’s

Made out of 100% cotton, this is the ultimate apron for ladies. This is because it’s water proof, stain resistant, oil proof, easy to clean, machine washable, and has a fashionable design. With it’s big pockets, you can even place your MP4 or mobile device in them so you can enjoy listening to music while cooking.

Adjustable Bib Apron with Pockets

This apron has tons of greatly valuable features. First of all, it’s great for men and women. Secondly, its polyester-cotton fabric is machine washable, wrinkle resistant, and fade proof. You can machine wash it and tumble dry. Other great features include it fitting most sizes, has a spacious front pocket to hold important cooking items, and has great protection/coverage from food stains, kitchen grease, and spills.

Angeka Cotton Canvas Flirty Women’s Apron With Big Pocket

This graceful and sexy apron with exquisite cuts, stitches, and printed pattern is great for women. It’s made of 100% cotton, easy to clean, machine washable, stain resistant, oil proof, and water proof. And with the huge front pocket, you can place your MP4 or mobile device to hear music while cooking.

Premium Kitchen Apron for Men and Women

With this unisex apron, it’s universal size. A firm and comfortable fit is possible due to its long waist straps and adjustable neck straps. It also comes with a cooking guide that includes handy info on tricks, tips, cooking temperatures, conversion tables, funny quotes, etc.


These aprons are the best out there. And of these aprons, the ones with the most to offer should be the ultimate choices. Other than that, it depends on what a person wants, like a graceful design/ sexy design is desired, or a basic, dark colored one.

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Perfect Noise Isolating In-Ear Headphone Earbuds

Whether you are listening to a podcast, streaming music the choice of headphones to buy can be very tricky for most people. Below we discuss some of the best earphones with their features so that we can help you choose the perfect noise isolating earbud.

MEE audio M6 PRO Universal-Fit Noise-Isolating

Although any in-ear earphones can work for stage use the MEE sound M6 PRO is known to provide a polite audio performance, stage monitor look and over-the-year fit with memory wire. Features such as this are essential especially to bassists and drummers. Other notable features of this type of earphones include detachable cables that make them durable; its headset also includes a microphone, volume control and remote for easier use with tablets and smartphones.

The Francois et Mimi Elite Genuine Wood In-ear Noise-isolating Headphones

These types of headphones are known for their durability and long usage. These wooden headphones are best suited and perfect for people who are known to break often their headphones. The other key feature is the noise isolation this helps especially in situations where you want to concentrate on whatever you are listening to without other noise disturbances. The built-in microphone on the earphones ensures that high-quality sound is relayed to the receiver that makes you sound clear and audible.

Creative Aurvana 3 In-Ear Noise-Isolating Headphones

The key features to note from the Creative Aurvana 3 In-Ear Noise-Isolating Headphones is the outstanding soundproofing AuraSeal in-ear design the importance of the seal is that it reduces bass loss that is as a result of sound leakages. It’s perfect acoustics that contain an audio tube makes available a more natural fit into the ear.

Audiosharp AS1218 Stereo in Ear Headphones
AS1218 Stereo Audiosharp headphones are designed with a metal cover with a high-quality feel and a gold plated plug. Its clear filter is known to help in isolating noise and delivering a high definition sound. With its ergonomic design, it is very comfy to wear and easy to carry. These earphones have a spectacular surround sound, elastic bass and sound more.

Sound Intone Headphones Microphone Transparent

These headphones utilize an in the ear-fit design that helps reduce noise from outside to assist you in focus, it also has a dynamic, clear sound and a superior bass to let music or anything you are listening to motivate you. Its built-in microphone and multi-function control help you perform functions such as answering phone calls, ending calls, play, fast forward, rewind and pause. These headphones work with any smartphones and music players with 3.5mm port.

List of Top 10 Best Headphone Brands in the World

Sennheiser – Simply the best

Bose – Sound engineering redefined

Ultrasone – Music on for hours

AKG – Made for the professionals

Beyer Dynamic – Innovation redefined

Sony – Belief in making the best

Denon – Clarity of sound, clarity of music

Creative – Affordable Quality

Panasonic – Something for everyone

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The Best Barware for Making Cocktails at Home

The act of shaking is far more intuitive than many think and an approachable option to even the novice bartender. Shaking has become far more popular in establishments and home settings alike than its counterpart – stirring. While many cocktails should be stirred, shaking is often the way to go, resulting in much faster chilling. An additional benefit is that it adds water to the drink through dilution, promoting a key ingredient. Apart from cooling and adding water to the drink faster, shaking allows for aeration, resulting in a lighter and “airier” cocktail.

The Oggi Marilyn Tall and Slim Cocktail Shaker features an innovative design with contemporary finishes. Falling into the category of a Cobbler, this metal shaker contains three components including a base, a strainer top, and a smaller cap for the strainer portion. With its 34 ounce capacity, you can make your favorite cocktail with ease and style making it the perfect option for parties and entertaining.

The Boston Shaker Premier 28 Ounce Cocktail Shaker is made from high quality stainless steel and is accompanied by a one pint mixing glass that is precisely weighted for stability. Preferred by professionals, this traditional Boston shaker allows for pint glasses to be used for making drinks and provides more room since two larger components are used to mix your cocktail.

The OXO Steel Cocktail Shaker demonstrates nothing less than an all-inclusive product allowing for drinks to be shaken, mixed, and poured with ease. This 16-ounce shaker includes a jigger cap and built-in strainer with a double wall design that prevents sweating and exposure to the cold elements of the ice. An additional feature that this shaker offers is a soft-gripping surface that reduces slippage and inner surface marking that allow for easy measurements.

The Barware Styles Classic and Elegant Stainless Steel Shaker Set is tested and certified by the FDA that provides a clean taste free of nasty chemicals. With the timeless Cobbler design, a key feature lies in its ability to be cleaned using the dishwasher. With this specific shaker, customers also receive a free bonus ebook that contains a variety of cocktail recipes that can be used for any occasion.

The Win-Ware Boston Cocktail Shaker Gift Set is a great option for both professional bartending or recreational use. It includes a variety of components ranging from a Hawthorn Strainer, muddler, bar spoon with masher, two different-sized jiggers, and a pocket size cocktail creation guide. This set is the perfect starter kit for individuals looking to explore their creative side.

The key to making the most of a shaken drink is to be mindful of what types of drinks benefit from this technique and which shaker should be used based on the cocktail being devised. The users are the artists and the shakers provide a canvas to create a work of divinely tasty art.

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6 Reasons to Savor a Beneficial Bowl

SoupAt the end of a long day, one thing I love is sitting down to enjoy a warm, relaxing bowl of soup. Regardless if the bowl is meant to be a meal starter or star in your meal, it is always a better way to raise your vegetable intake and reduce hunger. Here are some of the benefits associated with soup.

Soup fights cold

One of the widely prescribed cures for common cold is chicken soup, and it is for a good reason. Warm fluids, like soup, help retain moisture in the nasal passages, prevent dehydration, drain your sinuses of mucus, and calm a sore throat. This claim is even scientifically proven. A study published in the Chest journal suggests that, chicken and veggies in soup have anti-inflammatory abilities that help ease congestion, sore throat, cough, stuffy nose and other ailments of upper respiratory tract. Moreover, resisting the comfort factor is hard as chicken noodle soup will eliminate the craving for a wholesome and homemade soup or a bad weather.

Soup can help in cutting calories

If you think a soup will only act as an appetizer, you are wrong since a soup appetizer can help cut your entire calorie intake. Research conducted at Penn State University established that, for those people who started with a low-calorie soup, their overall calorie consumed was 20 percent lower than if they took the meal without soup. However, you should be careful when selecting your soup starter and go for one with 100 to 150 calories per serving, while also remembering broth-based soup is better compared to cream-based.

Easy and sustaining meal

Choosing the right ingredients can even lead to an entire meal out of soup. Tossing all the ingredients into a pot, and letting it cook is all that you require preparing homemade soup. Select any vegetable-packed recipe for soup and add chicken, lentils, or beans; which are all lean proteins, and you are set to prepare. Storing in individual containers is a great idea, as you can even bring the soup to work.

Soup can be an easy snack

A bowl of soup should help you skip the vending machine in mid-afternoon as it will act as a snack. A bowl of soup containing lentils and beans provide sustained energy as it contains protein, soluble fiber and slow-burning carbs, all which can be found in store-bought soup or homemade versions.

Convenient all-year-round

Soup should not be limited to cold weather. During the hot months of summer, cool soups such as cucumber-yogurt and gazpacho should work well.

Soup is also trendy

Although not such a solid factor, you should join in since almost everyone eating soup, especially Bone Broth, which has become a buzzy bite lately. With the many health powers it is being claimed to contain, the two most important to keep in mind include its use as a post-workout snack and the immune-boosting benefits. Bone broth can be prepared using various types of bones such as pork, poultry, beef, and fish and mixing with ingredients such as garlic, spices, herbs and onions.

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LED Headlamps for Camping & Hunting – The Underise’s Guide

headlightIn events such as, compilation of a camping site, having a morning jog at dusk, looking for some important equipment in the loft and many more situations, a head lamp is the most convenient source of lighting. In addition to their suitability, they have more benefits such as they are long- standing, energy savers and hefty. This is mainly because of the LED in the headlamps. In the market, headlamps will vary from one another. These could be from the many variables that distinguish one model of a head lamp to another and lay out below.

Type of the beam of the headlamp and the distance

There are two main types of beams illuminated from the headlamps. These are, first the flood beam. The headlamps with such a beam are more functional in the case where the lighting circumference is wide. A good example is in the camps where the illumination is well spread. The other type of beam is the converged beam which ingenious in the case of long distance scrutiny. This is effective if the object being aimed at is at afar distance and in the dark. However, the most economical headlamps are those that can be easily adjusted into the two types of headlamps.

Headlamp Lumens and illumination duration

It is of essence to note the amount of light from the headlamps. A headlamp emitting high lumen light, the faster the energy is exhausted. This does not necessarily mean that headlamps with high lumens give the brighter light but that the utilization of the lumens makes the difference. Under the run time, the manufacturers of the headlamps determine their run time before they are recharged. Therefore, before purchasing the headlamps the specifications should be well read.

Weight of the headlamps

Batteries and additional straps on the headlamps add weight of headlamps. The bulkier the headlamp, the shorter the period it is to be used before getting worn out. Therefore, depending on the function intended for the headlamps, the buyer should check on the weight upon buying the headlamps. Normal routine headlamps should be lighter than the headlamps used for climbing purposes.

Modes of the headlamp

Another important factor is the brightness level or mode of the headlamp. Some headlamps may have three modes or even more. These modes include flash, low modes which is nifty for most chores, mid mode, boost and the high mode. Additional feature may include regulated output, red light mode, water resistance, batteries quality, battery packs and straps. These factors are useful for optimizing the need for the best headlamps.

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Presenting The Ice Ball Maker Mold That Is Perfect For Every Kitchen is responsible for the specific designs of this silicone ice maker which measures a total of 2.5′ in diameter with the purpose of creating Ice Balls that are huge and round. The ice sphere has such a huge area that is effective for cooling down the drinks quickly and is also slow at melting. This makes it perfect for refreshments and drinks such bourbon, whiskey and scotch.

Health Boosting Benefits

This Ice Maker presents people with a way to boost their overall health adding vitamins and antioxidants into their body as well as replenishing themselves and making their friends and family happy. Among the things you can do with Ice Balls to make them rich in vitamins is use different fruits, and certain fluids to add flavor to drinks such as teas and water all day. At night, this machine is ideal for cocktails. Ice Balls can be made in any way you choose. There is no set way to make Ice Balls. You can put any amount of fruit into your ice ball maker.

Two Ways to Create Ice Balls with your Ice Maker

One way is to take your fruit and chop it into little pieces. This so that your Ice Balls can have more flavor. Then you can use your spoon to place the fruit at the base of the Ice Maker. After that you seal it and add any type of fluid of your choice which could be lemon juice, tea or water. Fill it up until it is 3/4 full. Then use your finger to cover the whole and shake the mix. Then you can place it in the freezer until it is frozen. Among the fruits that you can try are pineapples, strawberries, lemon, orange and plenty of other fruits.

Blending Fruit

You place any fruit of your choice and you can blend it until it is very smooth. Then put the Ice Maker top on the base and make sure that it is secure. Fill the mold with the contents using a funnel until it reaches the top. Make sure the funnel is not too large so that it doesn’t become messy. This works best with raspberries, bananas, strawberries, blackberries, pineapple and other fruits.

Ideas of Usage

With frozen Ice Balls you can add the contents to your glass of water. Another thing you can do is create iced tea. The fruit from the Ice Balls can make a great cocktail as well. They are good for entertaining friends and family with a tasty punch in a bowl or jug with any type of refreshments.

These fusions of Ice Balls are a lot of fun to make. You can customize it with the ingredients of your choice. You can find tons of inspiration for Ice Makers in various blogs. These Ice Balls are very enjoyable, healthy and refreshing. The Ice Maker is great for the kitchen because it provides thirst quenching refreshments.

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Why Picking the Perfect Pocket Knife is So Damn Hard!

The pocket knife dates back to the first century when the Romans invent it. It was a handy utility tool with endless uses such as cutting cloth, meat, and many other uses or just whittling a piece of wood. However, the pocket knife slowly gave way to the sheath knife as a more favorable alternative. It wasn’t until the 16th century that the folding pocket knife began making a comeback. It became so popular that men of all walks were carrying one including businessmen, farmers, lawyers to name a few. The versatile pocket knife was once again being used for a variety of jobs, even eating on the go.

Throughout American history, the Pocket knife has been an essential tool carried by soldiers and sailors. During the American Revolution, New Hampshire and New York required their militias to carry pocket knives. George Washington had one on his person at all times. The pocket knife became standard issue for American GIs during WWII.

Though men have been carrying pocket knives for centuries, modern times have seen an increase in security in airports and a variety of buildings which has led to the disappearing pocketknife. But such minor obstacles should not be reason enough to stop carrying the reliable pocket knife altogether.

A pocket knife used to be as essential to a man as his wallet and keys. How many times have you been in a situation where you wished you had a knife. The following are just a few instances of how handy a pocket knife really is.

Use a pocket knife for:

  • 1. A box opener.
  • 2. Cutting string, tape or rope.
  • 3. Slicing fruit especially apples and eating them by slicing it into pieces and eat them off the blade, safely of course.
  • 4. You can use your finger to open a letter like most, but why when a pocket knife is so much more convenient.
  • 5. As a weapon though not the most effective, but it’s better than nothing.
  • 6. Camping is where a pocketknife is a must have. Sharpening a stick to a point for stabbing your prey (meaning your hot dog) is a must.

The three common designs of pocket knives are the multi-purpose knife having scissors, can openers, tweezers, leather punchers, and even screwdrivers, the jack knife has a hinge at one end with two or more blades and the pen knife has hinges on both ends of the handle with multiple blades. Choosing the right pocket knife is simply based on your needs.

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Many people have wondered what it would be like to travel back in time and be able to change the course of history. That is exactly what high school and GED teacher Jake Epping does in Stephen King’s 11-22-63 by reaching Lee Harvey Oswald seconds before he is able to fire the deadly shot in Dealey Plaza killing President John F. Kennedy.

This book moves along extremely quickly as seconds after the reader learns that Jake is able to save President Kennedy, even though it cost him the life of his fiancee, Jake learns that his actions cause an earthquake to occur in California killing thousands.

This book will be enjoyed by many historical fiction readers that normally do not like Stephen’s work. In fact, Stephen put off writing the book earlier in his career because he did not feel like he had the time to commit to doing the historical research required. It is easy to see why the New York Times named this book one of the top five fiction books of 2011 and the Las Vegas Review-Journal named it one of the top 10 King novels of all time.

A Clash of Kings

What began with “A Game of Thrones” continues in George R. R. Martin’s second book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series, “A Clash of Kings”. What began in the first book, the second book takes to another level especially when it comes to desperate depths some go to in order to claim the throne of Westeros.

“A Clash of Kings” furthers the blight of the Stark clan while introducing new characters such as the previously mentioned Stannis Baratheon. Other characters who stood somewhat in the background at first get more prominent roles, mostly notably Tyrion Lannister.

Among the characters who start to emerge is the dwarf Tyrion Lannister who strives to mix survival and honorable as authoritative figure much like his predessor did. His plans to reign in his nephew King Joffrey, out-scheme his sister Cersei, and keep King’s Landing safe are among the high points of the book.

Many libraries and fantasy readers should grab a copy especially if they enjoyed the first book of Martin’s series. “A Clash of Kings” doesn’t slow down on the drama or the carnage, but ratchets things up even more – which should greatly please the author’s fans.

Dawn of Wonder
Dawn of Wonder is the incredible 639 page self published novel taking the publishing world by storm. It was written by a former high school teacher, Jonathan Renshaw. It is mostly a fantasy book that you would think would be for younger readers, but the storyline is so complex that older readers will find it engaging as well.

The main character, Aeden goes through a tragic and life changing death that was written so beautifully that you felt it hours after putting the book down. It is definitely sad, but the way Rensher pulls at your heart strings, leaves you with a sense that this character feeling the pain, will make a big difference by the end of the book.

That is only the beginning of Aedens journey. The main focus of the book is his career as a high ranking Royal Academy officer. He shows up in the town of Mistyvales with a mysterious warning, and secrets that are unveiled as you go on. Even though the book is around 700 pages, with a story line like this, it doesn’t take you long to get through it.

I would recommend this book to anybody that is looking for a fantasy book to take them out of the regular daily life and give some business to self published other instead of a big publishing house. You will not regret your decision.

Dawn Xenogenesis

“Dawn” is the first book in a Octavia E. Butler’s sci-fi trilogy entitled Lilith’s Brood. This book was published in 1987, and was followed by the novel “Adulthood Rites” in 1988. The Lilith’s Brood trilogy came to a conclusion in 1989 with the publication of the shortest book “Imago.”

All three of these books are set in an era where the earth has been devastated by nuclear warfare. An alien species (called the Oankali) took the few remaining human survivors with them. Lilith is a black female survivor who awakens on a Oankali Ship. Throughout these novels, the fate of humanity rests on her shoulders. Will she collaborate with the aliens to interbreed on earth, or will she refuse them?

The most memorable parts of this book come from Butler’s descriptive and imaginative prowess. Butler is able to make the reader both repulsed and intrigued by these alien creatures that have neither eyes, nor ears, nor noses.

If you are at all interested in speculative or apocalyptic literature, this novel is for you. If you were moved by Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road,” or if you enjoyed movies like “Alien,” you will enjoy picking up “Dawn.”

Flowers for Algernon

Flowers For Algernon is a science fiction novel written by deceased author Daniel Keyes. The novel was written in two phases. In 1959, author Daniel Keyes wrote the first part which was a novella or short novel. The second part written in 1966, greatly expanded his earlier work and turned Flowers For Algernon into a full length novel.

In Flowers For Algernon, a dim witted individual named Charlie volunteers to be the first human test subject for a brain transplant operation that should improve his intelligence. Before, the operation was only tested on a mouse named Algernon who showed extreme intelligence after the operation. Charlie keeps a journal to describe the results of the operation and the effect it has on his life.

My favorite part of the novel is when Charlie begins to understand the world around him better and better thanks to his increased intelligence. However, his increased intelligence does come at a price. Being smarter, doesn’t necessarily mean being happier and this is a key theme in Flowers For Algernon.

Flowers For Algernon is a best selling novel because it has many elements of suspense and plenty of emotion. Readers who love suspense, and twists and turns will enjoy Flowers By Algernon written by Daniel Keyes.

Illidan World of Warcraft

Another release in the World of Warcraft novel collection. The author, William “Bill” King, adds another contribution to the science fiction and fantasy library. This novel covers a slice of time and lore from the very popular game known as World of Warcraft.

A focused insight into the demon hunter character Illidan Stormrage. Very helpful for a WoW player should they select that role. The author vividly describes the coalition relationship, why the coalition leaders chose to join forces in this battle for a common cause.

The book suffers from a lack of accurate chronological event association with WoW game history and prior books. This would simply go over the head for those new to WoW lore. Battle descriptions are quite gory, realistic portrayals for long time players, but might be distasteful for those new to WoW.

This book is especially recommended for WoW players whose previous quest experiences have encountered the primary characters and groups active in this episode. The in depth thoughts and dialog will flesh out the unique profile for familiar groups of characters. Those new to WoW would enjoy the book for different reasons. A good read of a battle with lots of entertaining action.


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