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Can Hypnosis Help You Lose Weight?

HypnosisThe Effect Of Hypnosis On Weight Loss

Over the years a correlation has developed between hypnosis and losing weight. When most people try to lose weight they have a hard time giving up specific foods such as potato chips or ice cream. The problem is people crave foods high in salt and sugar. A lot of times these cravings occur at specific points of the day and ignoring them is extremely difficult. When an individual has established a pattern regarding the way they eat it can cause them to have consistent problems with their weight. The reason hypnosis is often so effective is because it can help an individual change their established eating patterns.

Changing Attitudes Regarding Specific Foods

When an individual turns to hypnosis to try to lose weight their hope is that they can change the way they react in specific situations. The foundation of losing weight is in the choices a person makes. When an individual constantly makes the wrong food choices they will gain weight. Hypnosis give a person choices they did not recognize before. Since an individuals subconscious is unable to differentiate between what is a fantasy and what is based in reality a new perspective can help them reach their weight loss goals.

Changing Thought Patterns

One of the benefits of hypnosis is that it has the ability to change the way a person thinks. Most people connect their identity to the images and thoughts that are always running through their mind. This is what gives them their sense of who they are. When an individual is hypnotized it can change their thought patterns and the ideas they have regarding their body. This puts them in the position of being able to observe their thoughts instead of being at their mercy.

Making Changes To Your Story

There are techniques that can be used to lose weight. Not only do thought processes play an important role in the way an individual sees themselves but an individuals stories are critical. One thing most people have in common is they believe what they tell themselves more than what they hear from others. Words are important because they play a significant part in a persons actions. People are meant to change and grow but if they do not believe it is possible it will not happen. A good example is someone who is always telling themselves they can’t live without ice cream. If they change this thought pattern to I used to be addicted to ice cream it can help them get past the need to eat this particular food.

Understanding Your Needs

When it comes to losing weight there are two main opinions. Some people believe the problem is food while other believe it is deeper than that. They believe food is being used as a crutch to help people deal with their emotions. When you have a deep craving for a specific food you need to figure out what triggered the craving. You may be feeling lonely, insecure, anxious, depressed, etc. When you pinpoint the cause of your cravings you can deal with emotions in a healthier way. Instead of eating something high in salt you can substitute an invigorating walk or a relaxing bath.

Using Hypnosis Effectively

When you use hypnosis as a tool to lose weight you are changing the way you think. It can take as long as a month of hypnosis to successfully change your thought processes permanently. The best way to begin is by finding and listening to the right type of hypnosis session. By listening to it every day your though processes will begin to change. A good hypnotherapist you trust and feel comfortable with can be of incredible assistance. You have to believe in the person you choose because if you don’t that person will not be able to help you achieve your goals.

Why Hypnosis Is Not Always Effective

Sometimes hypnosis is not a solution and it will not work. If an individual really does not believe in hypnosis it will not be effective. A persons thought processes can work against them. There are also certain medical conditions and drugs that will prevent people from being able to lose weight.

Weight Loss Success Stories:

Hypnosis helped her lose 140 lbs –

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6 Reasons to Savor a Beneficial Bowl

SoupAt the end of a long day, one thing I love is sitting down to enjoy a warm, relaxing bowl of soup. Regardless if the bowl is meant to be a meal starter or star in your meal, it is always a better way to raise your vegetable intake and reduce hunger. Here are some of the benefits associated with soup.

Soup fights cold

One of the widely prescribed cures for common cold is chicken soup, and it is for a good reason. Warm fluids, like soup, help retain moisture in the nasal passages, prevent dehydration, drain your sinuses of mucus, and calm a sore throat. This claim is even scientifically proven. A study published in the Chest journal suggests that, chicken and veggies in soup have anti-inflammatory abilities that help ease congestion, sore throat, cough, stuffy nose and other ailments of upper respiratory tract. Moreover, resisting the comfort factor is hard as chicken noodle soup will eliminate the craving for a wholesome and homemade soup or a bad weather.

Soup can help in cutting calories

If you think a soup will only act as an appetizer, you are wrong since a soup appetizer can help cut your entire calorie intake. Research conducted at Penn State University established that, for those people who started with a low-calorie soup, their overall calorie consumed was 20 percent lower than if they took the meal without soup. However, you should be careful when selecting your soup starter and go for one with 100 to 150 calories per serving, while also remembering broth-based soup is better compared to cream-based.

Easy and sustaining meal

Choosing the right ingredients can even lead to an entire meal out of soup. Tossing all the ingredients into a pot, and letting it cook is all that you require preparing homemade soup. Select any vegetable-packed recipe for soup and add chicken, lentils, or beans; which are all lean proteins, and you are set to prepare. Storing in individual containers is a great idea, as you can even bring the soup to work.

Soup can be an easy snack

A bowl of soup should help you skip the vending machine in mid-afternoon as it will act as a snack. A bowl of soup containing lentils and beans provide sustained energy as it contains protein, soluble fiber and slow-burning carbs, all which can be found in store-bought soup or homemade versions.

Convenient all-year-round

Soup should not be limited to cold weather. During the hot months of summer, cool soups such as cucumber-yogurt and gazpacho should work well.

Soup is also trendy

Although not such a solid factor, you should join in since almost everyone eating soup, especially Bone Broth, which has become a buzzy bite lately. With the many health powers it is being claimed to contain, the two most important to keep in mind include its use as a post-workout snack and the immune-boosting benefits. Bone broth can be prepared using various types of bones such as pork, poultry, beef, and fish and mixing with ingredients such as garlic, spices, herbs and onions.

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Reviews for STX INTERNATIONAL STX-DEH-800W-XLS Food and Jerky Dehydrator

Do you love jerky, gardening, bread baking, making yogurt or just the pleasure of homemade foods and snacks? The STX International 800 watt dehydrator with 10 trays should be your next purchase. Imagine being able to make your own homemade jerky to your taste, or dehydrating the extra produce from your garden so you can use it all winter long or on that next road trip. This dehydrator will even allow you to proof your bread and make yogurt. So what will you get when you purchase the STX International STX-DEH-800W-XLS 800 watt dehydrator?
You will get 10 dishwasher safe, BPA free trays. These trays will allow you to dehydrate 14 square feet of your favorite fruits, vegetables or meats using 800 watts of power and 85 to 155 degrees of horizontal air flow. The STX International also has a front blank which will give you up to 6 inches of height clearance so you can proof bread, make yogurt or even dehydrate taller pieces of food. This Front Blank may need to be ordered separately. The dehydrator requires a space that fits a 19.0″ long, 15.0″ wide and 19.0″ high dehydrator. The trays are 15.0″ long and 13.5″ wide.

STX International wants you to be satisfied with your purchase and is committed to making sure you receive excellent service as a customer. In fact, their customer service rating is 99.8%. Not only does STX International want you to be a satisfied customer, but they want to ensure your dehydrator does its job by providing you with a 100% fix and replace guarantee for a full year. This guarantee also includes parts and labor for a full year.


  • 10 drawer drying capacity
  • Power to dry without a lot of noise
  • Excellent customer service if something does go wrong
  • Variety of uses this dehydrator offers


Potential for uneven drying which is easily fixed by simply rotating trays during drying process.

The STX International 800 watt dehydrator with 10 trays is a 5 star dehydrator with 5 star customer service. This dehydrator dries a variety of foods as well as raises bread and makes yogurt. There are so many things to try too like sprouting grains and making granola. Every home should have this dehydrator. You and your family will enjoy the bounty of homemade snacks, bread or yogurt customized to your taste.

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