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6 Reasons to Savor a Beneficial Bowl

SoupAt the end of a long day, one thing I love is sitting down to enjoy a warm, relaxing bowl of soup. Regardless if the bowl is meant to be a meal starter or star in your meal, it is always a better way to raise your vegetable intake and reduce hunger. Here are some of the benefits associated with soup.

Soup fights cold

One of the widely prescribed cures for common cold is chicken soup, and it is for a good reason. Warm fluids, like soup, help retain moisture in the nasal passages, prevent dehydration, drain your sinuses of mucus, and calm a sore throat. This claim is even scientifically proven. A study published in the Chest journal suggests that, chicken and veggies in soup have anti-inflammatory abilities that help ease congestion, sore throat, cough, stuffy nose and other ailments of upper respiratory tract. Moreover, resisting the comfort factor is hard as chicken noodle soup will eliminate the craving for a wholesome and homemade soup or a bad weather.

Soup can help in cutting calories

If you think a soup will only act as an appetizer, you are wrong since a soup appetizer can help cut your entire calorie intake. Research conducted at Penn State University established that, for those people who started with a low-calorie soup, their overall calorie consumed was 20 percent lower than if they took the meal without soup. However, you should be careful when selecting your soup starter and go for one with 100 to 150 calories per serving, while also remembering broth-based soup is better compared to cream-based.

Easy and sustaining meal

Choosing the right ingredients can even lead to an entire meal out of soup. Tossing all the ingredients into a pot, and letting it cook is all that you require preparing homemade soup. Select any vegetable-packed recipe for soup and add chicken, lentils, or beans; which are all lean proteins, and you are set to prepare. Storing in individual containers is a great idea, as you can even bring the soup to work.

Soup can be an easy snack

A bowl of soup should help you skip the vending machine in mid-afternoon as it will act as a snack. A bowl of soup containing lentils and beans provide sustained energy as it contains protein, soluble fiber and slow-burning carbs, all which can be found in store-bought soup or homemade versions.

Convenient all-year-round

Soup should not be limited to cold weather. During the hot months of summer, cool soups such as cucumber-yogurt and gazpacho should work well.

Soup is also trendy

Although not such a solid factor, you should join in since almost everyone eating soup, especially Bone Broth, which has become a buzzy bite lately. With the many health powers it is being claimed to contain, the two most important to keep in mind include its use as a post-workout snack and the immune-boosting benefits. Bone broth can be prepared using various types of bones such as pork, poultry, beef, and fish and mixing with ingredients such as garlic, spices, herbs and onions.

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Lucid LinenSpa Mattress Topper Offer An Economical Answer to a Worn Mattress

For those of us who love a good night’s sleep but have difficulty achieving our goal due to a worn or older mattress Lucid LinenSpa offers a solution that is not only economical but easy to apply. The LinenSpa 2 inch Gel Infused Mattress Topper offers a superb option for those of us who are on a tight budget but still want a comfortable night’s sleep. Made from high quality materials and a unique approach to foam topper designer the LinenSpa offers the client an excellent product. The following are just a few of the wonderful features that are part of the LinenSpa product.

Gel Infused Architecture: Most mattress toppers are of a solid construction but the LinenSpa brings to bear a unique technology by infusing gel beads into the mattress material. This increases airflow exponentially and allows for the body heat generated by sleeping to dissipate rather than gather in the mattress. In other words you will not wake up hot in the middle of the night kicking off the covers.

Open Cell Technology: In order to help alleviate the lasting impression left on a foam mattress the LinenSpa open cell technology allows the foam back to spring to its original form so that a smooth surface is immediately available when making your bed after a night’s sleep.

Pressure Point Relief: For many of us who sleep on our sides we toss and turn many nights as our shoulders and hips begin to ache from lying in the same position for an extended period of time. The LinenSpa Mattress topper is extra thick so that one can stay in the same position throughout the night and enjoy uninterrupted sleep that may occur from pressure point agitation.

Ease of care: When your comforters are due for a good laundering you can also take your LinenSpa Topper and place it in the washer. Completely laundry safe you can keep your topper clean and fresh smelling without the worry of dry cleaners, or replacement costs.

Three Year Warranty: Lucid solidly stands behind all of its fine products and the LinenSpa topper is no exception. The three year limited warranty ensures that if due to faulty workmanship or structural defects your topper will be replaced, repaired, or your purchase price refunded.

The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Association recommends, at a minimum seven to eight hours a day of uninterrupted sleep. Not receiving the proper sleep can lead to health difficulties, including heart problems, as well as mental issues including an inability to focus on your work throughout the day. In order to help ensure that you receive a good night’s rest, make sure that your mattress is covered with a Lucid LinenSpa product. Your body will thank you every morning!

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The Georgia Peach Mason Beverage Dispenser – An Item Sure To Please

Are you one that enjoys entertaining at home? This summer if you are looking to add a little charm to your family get together, there is a product that will put a bit of southern ambiance to any occasion that you are having, The Georgia Peach Mason Beverage Dispenser. This two gallon glass dispenser has a lot to offer, it comes with a metal stand that sits high enough that you can put your cup underneath and dispense the drink of your choice easily and without spills. It has a mason style design that will sure to be the talk of your get together. Lemon-aid and iced tea can be served just from flipping the switch to dispense right into most cups or glasses. The top of the mason jar is metal and matches the spigot as well, which has a metal finish. The mason style jar with the stand is approximately seventeen inches in height, so it can easily be stored under your cabinets.

The Georgia Peach Mason Beverage Dispenser offers:

* A large two gallon container so you can fill with favorite drink without having to be constantly making more, great for gatherings large and small.

  • * A well made design will offer years of use, one that is sturdy and pleasing to the eyes as well.
  • * Makes a great gift idea for the anyone that loves to entertain or that has a large family.
  • * Conveniently will store under most cabinets in your kitchen, however, it might be one that you want to keep out at all times for decoration when not in use.
  • * Priced right, so most anyone can afford.
  • * A one of a kind item that you will not find in just any store.
  • * The mason jar is clear, so you can see exactly how much drink you have left.

This is one item that you will not want to be without this summer. Your family and friends will love the way that it looks and the ease of using it as well. It is one of those items that everyone will want to know where you purchased it from. If you are looking for that something special or looking to give a gift that is out of the ordinary, that is well crafted and sure to please, check out the Georgia Peach Mason Beverage Dispenser. Buying just one might not be enough, you might want to think about getting one for everyone else on your list as well. They are sure to please.

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Upgrade Your Home Health Kit With A Stethoscope

As a medical professional, a patient’s wellbeing is in your hands. They trust you to make an accurate assessment of their health. In order to do that, it is important to purchase a stethoscope you can trust. Stethoscopes are used more often than any other piece of medical equipment. Which, makes it imperative that you invest in one that is high quality with great amplification and durability.

The 3M Littmann Classic II S.E. will fit comfortably into your ears. It is highly sensitive, allowing both high and low pitch sounds through. Patients love that it does not bring a chill to the skin and nurses will be glad they don’t need to search for the latex free stethoscope anymore. There are plenty of colors, sure to add personality to your scrubs.

The Omron Sprague Rappaport comes in black, is latex free to avoid patient’s allergic reactions as well. The rim is chrome plated and it comes with three distinct bell sizes to use on cardiology patients if needed. Turning the diaphragm over will allow you the ability to use the smaller rim and it comes with a handy carrying case to keep it protected.

The, 3M Littman Lightweight II S.E. is a great pick for nursing school students due to its dependability and light weight design. The diaphragm can be rotated to pick up, high or low pitched sounds. It has a great design for taking blood pressure and patients appreciate the warm touch of comfort on their skin.

3M Littman Master Classic 11 is an award winning stethoscope with a great design meant for ease of listening and color. It comes in either black or alloy chest pieces to meet your needs. The diaphragm twists in order to pick up low and high pitched sounds. It contains no latex which keeps reactions away. Your choice of nine colors to match your favorite scrubs.

The ADC Adscope 609ST comes in the color black to match with everything. It has a large bell for clear sound. The ear pieces fit comfortably in the canal and there is no need to warm it up first as there is no chill. It comes with a spare diaphragm which is nice to have in case you need it. It is lightweight and comes with a limited warranty for five years.

As, you can see there are many different stethoscopes to choose from out there. It is used in the field constantly, so accuracy and durability are both very important. Investing in a decent stethoscope will greatly assist you in your career and be a benefit to both you and your patient.

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Follow These 10 Tips For Exercise Success

Exercise-SuccessPhysical activity is the key ingredient to living a long, healthy life. Being active for thirty minutes a day can boost our mood, increase energy levels, and prevent many serious illnesses. If you are like most people, you lack the motivation to start a new exercise routine. Here are some tips to help get you up off the couch and on your way to living the healthy lifestyle you want.

Find Your Motivation

The first step in finding the motivation to put on your sneakers is deciding why you are working out. Your reason could be anything from trying to prevent illness to wanting to look your best at your upcoming class reunion. Keep your inspiration in mind every time you work out.

Workout With A Friend

Studies have proven that working out with someone else will increase the likelihood you stick with your new exercise routine. They will keep you accountable, and give you someone to chat with while you go for a jog.

Pick A Time

Whether you workout in the morning, after dinner, or on your lunch break, being consistent will keep you on the right track to meeting your fitness goals!

Update Your Workout Attire

A new pair of sneakers will not only make your feet comfortable, but also may give you some extra motivation to get to the gym. While you’re at it, pick up a new pair of shorts and a tank too!

Track Your Progress

From wristbands and smart phone apps to shoe sensors and heart rate monitors embedded into your watch, there is something for everyone! These will help you visualize your daily progress and even help push you further!

Proper Diet

Eating a diet high in protein and drinking at least 64 ounces of water will keep your body running smoothly so you can build lean muscle.

Be Realistic

Don’t set your goals too high that you can’t reach them. Remember every short term goal achieved is a tiny victory to reach the long term goal!


Changing your body and lifestyle takes time. Don’t expect to see immediate results!

Be Happy

Finding a workout routine increases the likelihood you will continue. Who wants to exercise when it fells like a chore?

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask

Don’t hesitate to talk to a trainer at the gym. Their job is to help you reach your goals and build a workout routine for your needs.

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Does CrossFit Really Work

Have you tried the popular fitness workout, CrossFit? You probably heard that it is super hard, but it gets you in fantastic shape in a brief period of time by concentrating on high-intensity interval training. You may have heard all the hype and wondered whether this exercise routine was worth it. According to recent scientific study, it is definitely worth all the hype.

In a study conducted by the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, sixteen healthy volunteers performed two CrossFit workouts. One workout is coined the Donkey Kong and the other is known as Fran. The research team of the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse’s exercise physiology program discovered that volunteers met fitness industry requirements for cardio workouts following the CrossFit programs. The study noted that the women studied burned a little more than 12 calories per minute and maintained elevated heart rates during their workout.

While science now proves that CrossFit boosts endurance, one should err on the side of caution before starting the program. First, the program is extremely difficult. The head of the University of Wisconsin’s Clinical Exercise Physiology Program, John Porcari, is on record saying that CrossFit is “off the charts.” The second reason is that the CrossFit program has been linked to rhadomyolysis, a frightening medical condition that develops from pushing yourself too hard.

So what exactly is CrossFit? The CrossFit program combines a number of different workouts into one. If you decide to take this program on, expect to do a mixture of strength training, weight-lifting, kettle bells, gymnastics, endurance exercises, plyometrics, speed training and body weight exercises. By combining these different workouts, CrossFit targets essential elements of physical fitness, such as stamina, strength and endurance, power, speed, flexibility, balance, coordination, accuracy, and most important cardiorespiratory. Designed to be done 3-5 days a week, CrossFit is executed in circuit format, with multiple exercise immediately following each other with very limited periods of rest in between.

While science now provides legitimacy to CrossFit, one should still do his or her research before starting the program. As with any exercise program, there are advantages and concerns to be examined. Those who are healthy and in great shape should definitely give the grueling workout a try. However, if you are out of shape or just commencing an exercise routine, then speak to a CrossFit affiliate about a specific routine designed for you. And always, speak to your physician before starting any new exercise routine.

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How to Hypnotize Someone and Become a Hypnotist

The ability to hypnotize someone isn't far away!

The ability to hypnotize someone isn’t far away!

Let’s face it: from time to time, everyone has thought about the idea of how to hypnotize someone and become a hypnotist. It looks appealing and quite frankly it sounds appealing. Everyone is looking for unique and outside the box ways to make friends, keep friends, and catch the attention of the public. What better way to do that than by becoming a hypnotist? It is a tremendous conversation starter and really catches the attention of those around you at parties.

One of the most important aspects of being a hypnotist and having the ability to hypnotize someone is belief. It might sound simple, but one would be shocked at how often this is overlooked, ignored, or nor taken seriously. One must truly believe that they can do it and it is possible. It all starts with the mind and having that deep seated belief that anything is possible and it can become a reality. That is where it all begins. If one doesn’t believe it, how is anyone else supposed to believe it? Two words that come to mind are belief and conviction. They are both supremely important.

A willing participant is also needed in this quest as well as the proper training, schooling, and teaching. It is just like anything in life, it needs to be learned and the proper amount of time must be put into it. It cannot be rushed, hurried, or forced upon someone. By having a willing participant, that is also half the battle as you are dealing with someone who takes it seriously and isn’t just going to laugh in the face of the hypnotist or look at them like they are crazy, which they clearly aren’t.

Another avenue in becoming well on their way is research, research, research. The more they know, the better off they will be in the long run and the more information that will be at the disposal of the person looking to become a hypnotist. They won’t find themselves in over their heads or confused by what is going on. They will be prepared and ready for anything that comes their way.

As one can clearly read and discover, this can and will become a reality with the proper tools at their disposal. It can be a life changing talent and also a gift that helps people overcome issues or addictions that run through their body each and every day. It is a wonderful gift and a tremendous talent.

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Sleeping Comfortably with the Pregnancy Body Pillow

Sleeping Comfortably with the Pregnancy Body PillowWomen intuitively understand that pregnancy can take a major toll on their bodies. If they need to get relief from some of the aches that they are feeling, they need to consider using a pregnancy body pillow. These pillows actually come in a few different shapes and sizes, which will appeal to many women. The design of the pillow will correspond with the different types of aches that they may be feeling. There are a few considerations women should keep in mind when they look to buy these pillows.

Take Note Of Different Aches You Are Feeling

It will be important for women to buy the right body pillow that may help them sooth their pains. But they should first try to narrow down the different types of pains that they may be feeling. Nearly all women will tend to feel pains in their back, legs and other joints in their body. This is due to the increased amount of weight that they are now carrying throughout the day. Women should think about the pain that they are feeling, which will guide their purchase decision.

Talk To Your Doctor Ahead Of Time

A doctor may have a fair bit of insight in to why women are feeling the pain that they are enduring. They can recommend that women improve how they carry the child throughout the day. They might also need to start sleeping on their side, which will minimize the stress on their bodies. But the doctors can also help people find out more information about the different types of body pillows out there.

Choosing The Right Shape

Many buyers will be impressed by the sheer array of shapes for these pregnancy body pillows. They may come in U or L shapes that will correspond to the body type of many women. But these pillows will also be designed to help sooth pain in different parts of the body.

Other Essential Features To Consider

Women may want to test out these different pillows in store before they opt to purchase them. They will want to check out the different materials for these pillows and consider how they can support them. Foam pillows are preferred by many women out there. There are actually memory foam pregnancy pillows that will perfectly conform to the body type of women out there. This is part of the reason why consumers will want to check out how they can get the best overall pillow out on the market.

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