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Must-Have Tools for Every Skill Level

Must-Have Tools for Every Skill Level

One can do most household repairs and maintenance with a basic set of common tools. These are ten tools that every household should have. They can handle most household tasks with ease.

Screwdrivers are a basic tool; screws hold many things together. There are four types of screws, and common types include slotted, the top looks like a dash (-), and universal or Phillips, the top look like an x (x). The screwdriver tips must be the same type and about the same size as the screw head to work well. Medium size screwdrivers will fit most heads well. One needs a medium Phillips screwdriver and a medium slotted screwdriver.

Two, circular saws are the tools of choice for cutting metal, wood, shrubs and trees or plastic pipes. Wood cutting saws have large teeth while metal cutters have fine teeth. A bow saw is a perfect shape for trees and yard work; they have interchangeable blades to handle wood or metal.

Three, a reversible drill is an ideal household tool because it does tasks quickly and with a minimum of effort. It can drill small ‘pilot holes’ so that nails and screws do not split or crack surfaces when used. With a small accessory pack, it can drive bolts and four kinds of screws quickly, sparing hours of turning by hand. A drill makes furniture repairs and improvement projects easy. One can use a rechargeable 18v lithium-ion battery-powered drill anywhere, without a nearby plug.

Four, pliers come in handy when one must grip, turn, or hold bolts and nuts with power. Pliers come in shapes that give significant advantages. The needle-nose pliers have a long thin tip, and it is excellent for working with small objects, tight spaces, and wires. It has a flat space near the bottom of the tips that cuts wire. Another useful shape is the tongue-and -groove or Channellock; these have long handles and four width settings. They open wide to grip pipes, and provide power to open frozen or rusted bolts.

Five, hammers have an iron or steel head and a wood or padded metal handle. It has a round face for driving nails and delivering force. It can drive nails. A claw hammer has a curved slot in the back, which can grab a nail head and pull it out. A medium sized, steel claw hammer with a rubber grip is excellent for household use.

Six, tape measure helps make precise cuts, or check space requirements. It should be at least 6ft long, with a push-button lock and retractable control. Seven, a level is a terrific tool for finding if something is flat or even. They come in various sizes; a two-foot long level is a convenient size for household use.

Eight, goggles protect eyes from fumes, dust and flying objects. One should wear goggles when doing any task. Nine, safety blades have retractable razors, and are excellent for safely cutting carpeting, tiles, floor laminates, cardboard, and straps.

Ten, adhesive tapes are useful household tools. Friction tape can keep electrical wires in place, and advanced duct tapes resist heat and form strong bonds. They can seal broken pipes and hoses.

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Favorite Appliances for Small Kitchens

Appliances for Small KitchensThere is a wide array of kitchen appliances out on the market today, from basic functional appliances to appliances that are packed full of features. All kitchen appliances are designed to help you maintain the operations of your home. Appliance manufacturers know you consider more than just quality when purchasing kitchen appliances. You demand value for your money and want products that are both stylish and functional. The following are examples of what to expect to find when shopping for the newest kitchen appliances:

GE PFE29PSDSS Profile 28.6 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator: This refrigerator from GE is out of this world. The features of this product include, but are certainly not limited to; a dual ice maker, 2 adjustable-humidity drawers and 1 full-width adjustable-temperature drawer, trademarked TwinChill evaporators, showcase LED lighting, and stainless steel dispenser with pullout tray.

LG 30” Electric Induction Cooktop: This 100% induction cooking appliance is designed with style, performance, and energy efficiency all in mind. It features trademarked SmoothTouch controls, 100% induction cooking, and a bridge element. The SmoothTouch controls are easily understandable, centralized controls on a smooth surface that easily wipes clean. The bridge element allows you to cook longer pans or griddles.

Whirlpool Smart Dishwasher with 6th Sense Live technology: This stainless steel dishwasher is chalked full of technology. It has both Smart Assistant and Smart Stats programs installed. These programs allow you to control and monitor functions of the dishwasher from your smart phone or tablet.

Braun Impressions 10-Cup Thermal Coffeemaker: This elegant stainless steel design keeps your coffee hot for hours in its’ insulated thermal carafe with a lid that seals in the flavor. The features of this coffeemaker include automatic shutoff, dishwasher safe, one year warranty, and built in water filter that improves the taste of any coffee.

KitchenAid Artisan Series 5-Quart Mixer: As far as countertop mixers go, this mixer has it all. The mixer features a tilt-head to provide easy access to the mixing bowl. It also has a pouring shield, 10 speed options, oscillating mixing action, one year warranty, and comes in a multitude of colors.

It is never easy making the final decision when purchasing large items like kitchen appliances. The market has been flooded with countless options. However, with so many choices, it is more likely you will be able to find the perfect kitchen appliance to fit your needs. Good Luck!

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Sleeping Comfortably with the Pregnancy Body Pillow

Sleeping Comfortably with the Pregnancy Body PillowWomen intuitively understand that pregnancy can take a major toll on their bodies. If they need to get relief from some of the aches that they are feeling, they need to consider using a pregnancy body pillow. These pillows actually come in a few different shapes and sizes, which will appeal to many women. The design of the pillow will correspond with the different types of aches that they may be feeling. There are a few considerations women should keep in mind when they look to buy these pillows.

Take Note Of Different Aches You Are Feeling

It will be important for women to buy the right body pillow that may help them sooth their pains. But they should first try to narrow down the different types of pains that they may be feeling. Nearly all women will tend to feel pains in their back, legs and other joints in their body. This is due to the increased amount of weight that they are now carrying throughout the day. Women should think about the pain that they are feeling, which will guide their purchase decision.

Talk To Your Doctor Ahead Of Time

A doctor may have a fair bit of insight in to why women are feeling the pain that they are enduring. They can recommend that women improve how they carry the child throughout the day. They might also need to start sleeping on their side, which will minimize the stress on their bodies. But the doctors can also help people find out more information about the different types of body pillows out there.

Choosing The Right Shape

Many buyers will be impressed by the sheer array of shapes for these pregnancy body pillows. They may come in U or L shapes that will correspond to the body type of many women. But these pillows will also be designed to help sooth pain in different parts of the body.

Other Essential Features To Consider

Women may want to test out these different pillows in store before they opt to purchase them. They will want to check out the different materials for these pillows and consider how they can support them. Foam pillows are preferred by many women out there. There are actually memory foam pregnancy pillows that will perfectly conform to the body type of women out there. This is part of the reason why consumers will want to check out how they can get the best overall pillow out on the market.

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Reviews for STX INTERNATIONAL STX-DEH-800W-XLS Food and Jerky Dehydrator

Do you love jerky, gardening, bread baking, making yogurt or just the pleasure of homemade foods and snacks? The STX International 800 watt dehydrator with 10 trays should be your next purchase. Imagine being able to make your own homemade jerky to your taste, or dehydrating the extra produce from your garden so you can use it all winter long or on that next road trip. This dehydrator will even allow you to proof your bread and make yogurt. So what will you get when you purchase the STX International STX-DEH-800W-XLS 800 watt dehydrator?
You will get 10 dishwasher safe, BPA free trays. These trays will allow you to dehydrate 14 square feet of your favorite fruits, vegetables or meats using 800 watts of power and 85 to 155 degrees of horizontal air flow. The STX International also has a front blank which will give you up to 6 inches of height clearance so you can proof bread, make yogurt or even dehydrate taller pieces of food. This Front Blank may need to be ordered separately. The dehydrator requires a space that fits a 19.0″ long, 15.0″ wide and 19.0″ high dehydrator. The trays are 15.0″ long and 13.5″ wide.

STX International wants you to be satisfied with your purchase and is committed to making sure you receive excellent service as a customer. In fact, their customer service rating is 99.8%. Not only does STX International want you to be a satisfied customer, but they want to ensure your dehydrator does its job by providing you with a 100% fix and replace guarantee for a full year. This guarantee also includes parts and labor for a full year.


  • 10 drawer drying capacity
  • Power to dry without a lot of noise
  • Excellent customer service if something does go wrong
  • Variety of uses this dehydrator offers


Potential for uneven drying which is easily fixed by simply rotating trays during drying process.

The STX International 800 watt dehydrator with 10 trays is a 5 star dehydrator with 5 star customer service. This dehydrator dries a variety of foods as well as raises bread and makes yogurt. There are so many things to try too like sprouting grains and making granola. Every home should have this dehydrator. You and your family will enjoy the bounty of homemade snacks, bread or yogurt customized to your taste.

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