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What Should I Consider When Buying a Deep Fryer?

Deep fryers are some of the most common kitchen implements for those who want to safely fry their food in oil. When it comes time to purchase a deep fryer though there are a lot of options on the market that have to be carefully considered based on the shopper’s needs.

Why You Should Consider Buying a Deep Fryer

Getting a deep fryer isn’t a necessity for every household, but it can provide a lot of advantages. Deep fryers are safer than frying food in a pot, and hey can prevent accidents such as burning or fires. They’re economical, easy to use, and ensure that food gets cooked more evenly every time.

Portability and Storage

Deep fryers come in a wide variety of sizes, but those meant for use by home owners tend to be both portable and easy to store. Smaller models can be kept on top of a fridge, while larger ones will need space in a kitchen cabinet, but anything short of an industrialized deep fryer can be easily put in a car and taken to a friend’s house for use if necessary.

Temperature Control and Capacity

Deep fryers come with a temperature control feature so that no matter what kind of food you’re making it’s easy to get just the right level of heat. Additionally deep fryers come with different levels of capacity. This means that some fryers can easily make a meal for one or two people, while others can feed a family of four or more with a single dip into the oil. Depending on how much you’re going to cook, and how specific your temperatures need to be, these two features are likely going to be toward the top of your list of important features.


Perhaps the primary consideration a customer needs to think about is the size of the best home deep fryer in question. If someone just needs a fryer that can handle the needs of a one or two person household then a smaller model will be perfectly adequate. For those who need an industrial or restaurant sized deep fryer though, it’s important to make sure that kind of quantity of food will need to be made on a regular basis.


Budget is another important factor when it comes to buying a deep fryer. Smaller models typically come with smaller price tags, but for those who are serious about getting the best deal that’s available on the market it’s important to shop around and look for what will best fulfill their needs.

Propane or Electric?

There are both pros and cons to propane versus electric deep fryers. For instance, electric deep fryers often take more time to warm up, and they require that they be placed on a counter near an outlet. On the other hand they are perfectly safe to have indoors, and they tend to have relatively few parts that require being cleaned.

When it comes to propane deep fryers the oil tends to warm up a great deal more quickly, and they can typically reach much higher temperatures than electric deep fryers can. That’s a major advantage for those who want to make a wider variety of fried foods. Additionally propane deep fryers can be put anywhere, provided they have access to their necessary power source.

Deep Fryer Parts

A basic deep fryer has certain, necessary parts. Every deep fryer has a basket (where the oil is heated and the food itself is fried), the thermometer (where the temperature is set and monitored, a timer, a filtration system (which helps keep the oil more usable for a longer period of time), a system that prevents any food from being overcooked, and a ventilation system that helps keep the smells and other odors that come from frying food from filling up the entire room. While some models might come with additional parts and pieces, these are the basics that every deep frier has.

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Best Electric Food Slicers for Home Use

Chef's Choice International 632 "7 Inch" Gourmet VariTilt Food SlicerEvery consumer now has the option of safely being able to slice the meat of their choice at home with the same ease as the staff at the local deli. The benefit of having a electric meat slicer in your own kitchen can be seen in reduced meat purchase cost in your annual budget. The makers of electric meat slicers have provided the average consumer with both a selection of models, based on the consumer’s needs as well as costs, to meet the consumer’s budget. The makers of electric meat slicers have also taken the precaution of including various safety features for the protection of children as well as consumers.

Style: Chef’s Choice International 632 “7 Inch” Gourmet VariTilt Food Slicer

The price range online for this model has listed between $400.00 and $269.24. The model “632 “7 Inch” Gourmet VariTilt Food Slicer” is for household use and sets up upright for meats as well as cheeses. The model has a tilt to “gravity-feed” and can also be used for certain vegetables and breads. The model is designed with a 7 inch surgical stainless steel blade and posses a child proof safety switch.

Style: Continental PS77711 Professional Series Deli Slicer

Priced at around $137.00, this model is compact but still supports a “7.5” blade made out of heavy cast iron. The blade is powered by a 150 watt motor. In addition to meats and cheeses this model can also slice vegetables and select deli breads.

Style: Chef’s Choice Premium 610 7 Inch Food Slicer

This unit is priced between $129.00 and $155.00. designed to fit any kitchen counter top, this unit stands at 16.3 x 12.4 x 11.9 inches in counter top space. This model is made of cast aluminum and stainless steel, which includes the slicer, which is gear driven and cool run with a high torque motor. The 7-inch, all-purpose, stainless steel blade can slice fine to 3/4-inch slices.

Style: MaxiMatic EMT-503B Elite Gourmet 130-Watt Die-Cast-Aluminum Electric Food Slicer, Black

This economically priced unit at $79.99 is housed in die cast aluminum and can delicately slice meats, fish, cheeses, deli breads and firm vegetables. The “7.5” stainless steel blade is removable and retractable.

Style: Chef’s Choice 615 Premium Electric Food Slicer

Priced at $141.45 to $195.00 this unit is sturdy with all of its major components built of cast aluminum and stainless steel. The unit is measured at 15 by 11 inches and fits very well on your counter top. The 7 inch stainless steel blade can slice a variety of deli products to varying widths.


Each consumer should select the electric meat slicer that best meets their budget and provides the ease of use and safety that consumers are use to and will enjoy.

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Tips When Buying a Portable Power Bank Pack for Your Mobile Device

Portable Power Bank PackAlmost everybody has been in the situation where a Smartphone or other mobile device is needed when on the go, only for the owner to discover their device is drained of power. To keep connected in this digital age, a portable battery pack is an important part of our mobile device use, but choose a best portable power bank to buy can be a difficult choice to make without some advice.

Size and Power

The main consideration for many people looking to purchase a portable battery pack is the amount of charging power it holds and how heavy it will be to carry around. Firstly, knowing how much power a mobile device battery holds is a good starting point, with a battery charger offering a similar charge allowing a single full charge to be replaced whilst on the go. Buying a portable battery charger a little larger than required is often a good idea to offset problems with lost charge, charging cable losses and other issues. A large battery charger is usually heavier and more expensive, so this should be a major factor in purchasing considerations.

Charging Speeds

Improvements have been made with Smartphone batteries and the current provided by a portable battery pack. Using a battery pack that uses only a one Amp charge can take a long time to replace the power, while this type of battery pack may fail completely in an attempt to recharge a tablet battery.

Recharging Times

When buying a portable battery pack, many people instantly look for the one with the largest capacity, which will offer the most charging opportunities from a single charge. However, the largest capacity battery packs require long recharging periods, with an overnight charge needed each time the battery pack is used. A battery pack accepting a higher input charge will be replenished more quickly from a wall charger.

Charging Numerous Devices

Many people carry a Smartphone and tablet, which may need recharging at the same time, causing problems for a battery pack with a single USB port. Buying a pack with numerous ports is a good idea, as long as the output charge is not affected greatly when more than one device is connected.

Quality Issues

The quality of the battery pack purchased should also be considered, with the cheapest not always being the best option. Battery reliability is important, with a brand name manufacturer being a guarantee that the battery should not explode or fail to hold its charge after only a short period of use.

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Favorite Appliances for Small Kitchens

Appliances for Small KitchensThere is a wide array of kitchen appliances out on the market today, from basic functional appliances to appliances that are packed full of features. All kitchen appliances are designed to help you maintain the operations of your home. Appliance manufacturers know you consider more than just quality when purchasing kitchen appliances. You demand value for your money and want products that are both stylish and functional. The following are examples of what to expect to find when shopping for the newest kitchen appliances:

GE PFE29PSDSS Profile 28.6 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator: This refrigerator from GE is out of this world. The features of this product include, but are certainly not limited to; a dual ice maker, 2 adjustable-humidity drawers and 1 full-width adjustable-temperature drawer, trademarked TwinChill evaporators, showcase LED lighting, and stainless steel dispenser with pullout tray.

LG 30” Electric Induction Cooktop: This 100% induction cooking appliance is designed with style, performance, and energy efficiency all in mind. It features trademarked SmoothTouch controls, 100% induction cooking, and a bridge element. The SmoothTouch controls are easily understandable, centralized controls on a smooth surface that easily wipes clean. The bridge element allows you to cook longer pans or griddles.

Whirlpool Smart Dishwasher with 6th Sense Live technology: This stainless steel dishwasher is chalked full of technology. It has both Smart Assistant and Smart Stats programs installed. These programs allow you to control and monitor functions of the dishwasher from your smart phone or tablet.

Braun Impressions 10-Cup Thermal Coffeemaker: This elegant stainless steel design keeps your coffee hot for hours in its’ insulated thermal carafe with a lid that seals in the flavor. The features of this coffeemaker include automatic shutoff, dishwasher safe, one year warranty, and built in water filter that improves the taste of any coffee.

KitchenAid Artisan Series 5-Quart Mixer: As far as countertop mixers go, this mixer has it all. The mixer features a tilt-head to provide easy access to the mixing bowl. It also has a pouring shield, 10 speed options, oscillating mixing action, one year warranty, and comes in a multitude of colors.

It is never easy making the final decision when purchasing large items like kitchen appliances. The market has been flooded with countless options. However, with so many choices, it is more likely you will be able to find the perfect kitchen appliance to fit your needs. Good Luck!

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Tips You Must Know Before Buying a Toaster Oven

The party is about to start and the kitchen appliances are fully battle operational, but wait, the last minute appetizer. Awe indeed, “what to do?”, but wait, from the center of the main kitchen stadium arena is the venerated all mighty toaster oven, ready to save the day. Thank goodness, your life is now complete with the mighty toaster oven by your side; nothing can go wrong with this mighty kitchen companion. While the Himalayan Sherpa may not be available to guide us to the perfect toaster oven, there are ways of finding the perfect toaster.

Toaster Oven Standard Features

Counter space and cabinet space come into play when considering any new appliance. Some toaster ovens can handle a full size frozen pizza while others are much smaller in size, measuring at 16 x 8 inches. Beyond size, toaster ovens in general come in two types, the countertop models and those that mount underneath cabinets. The broiler function is excellent for cooking burgers and comes as a standard model feature. The models that use infrared heating will speed cooking time and certain models offer special settings to defrost or reheat food.

Toaster Oven Demonstration Videos

YouTube the best source for free online videos contains many videos that demonstrate brand name toaster ovens. Instructional videos reveal the features, tips, and tricks per model. There are over 19,000 videos featuring savory toaster oven recipes from light cuisine to southern style recipes. In today’s economy, saving money just makes sense and there are perfect recipes that are not only cheap but are also incredible gourmet quality meals that your family will love. In addition, a simple search through your favorite web browser will bring up many of these perfect recipes.

Major Brand Names Offer Support

Hamilton Beech and other major brands offer custom recipes within their website and provide full detailed instruction guides. The new designer appliances feature a range from unique retro style appearance to a more sleek brushed metal or chrome type finish. The custom exterior finish also comes in a variety of colors and interesting metal accents, such as copper. The best interior feature is the less mess, easy to clean nonstick or porcelain interior finish.

Toaster Oven Toast Off is just one of many fantastic websites with a variety of fabulous toaster oven recipes to choose from, along with insightful tips from top chiefs. Rachael Ray from the food network hosted her first ever “Toaster Oven Toast-Off” challenge with chefs Sunny Anderson and Ryan Scott who went head-to-head, which only proves just how amazing the toaster oven really is for its versatility and convenience. The toaster oven is truly the perfect kitchen companion.

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Small Appliances Buying Guide – Food Processors

Food ProcessorsThere are so many great things you can use a food processor for. There are a multitude of attachments with a food processor so they have a variety of kitchen uses. There is no need to pull out other appliances such as your blender anymore. Your food processor can do that job. A food processor can save the day when it comes to time. They are not the dinosaurs of yesterday so they will save you space too. You no longer have hide your food processor, with all the new colors you have to choose from they are made to be shown and match your designer kitchen decor beautifully. Your new food processor will be like having an entire staff of kitchen helpers.There are so many available options included that will allow you to dice, slice, chop and juice to your hearts content.

The Food Processor Parts:

The motor or base of your food processor is the heaviest part of your new appliance. This is the foundation of your food processor. A larger base houses a heavier motor and that cuts down on annoying vibrations so your food processor stays in place during use. There are also variable speeds on a quality food processor.

A bowl comes with your food processor is important compared to what your kitchen needs are. Larger bowls can make much more food at one time, as for a party with bowl sizes in the 4 to 16 cup capacity. Mini-food processors have 2 to 3 cup capacity and this is great for smaller portions. The small food choppers will feed a group of about 3 people.

The lid and plunger of your food processor will keep messes to a minimum. Lids keep food in the processor until you are ready to use it and the plunger will keep your fingers from coming into contact with sharp blades and moving parts.

The attachments and blades allow you to do a variety of tasks. All these attachments and blades will make your kitchen tasks a joy to perform. They will blend, mix, chop, grate and shred all at the touch of a button. Basic chopping blades and mixer blades are usually included but there are so many more attachments that will let you whisk, mix batters or bread and grater and slicing discs that are a breeze to use. The majority of attachments can be safely cleaned in your dishwasher.

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