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Bridal Hairstyles for the Big Day

Your perfect look now needs a perfect hairstyle for your special day, nothing too elaborate or unlike you. Braiding your hair is a perfect choice. It gives you a touch of elegance and allows you to express your unique style. One of these styles is sure to “speak” to you.

A Fishtail Braid

A fishtail braid is exactly that, a braid that resembles a fishtail. This is a perfect choice for any bride because of its versatility. It can be done in a glamorous way or be understated. It can be worn straight or braided on one side so it complements your shoulder, which is a perfect choice if you have a strapless gown. It can be half up or half down. To add extra elegance place some flowers throughout. There is no right way or wrong way, just your way.

Braided Chignon

This style is classy and simple. The chignon, French for bun, has been around for centuries and can be worn in many different ways. To make the style your own add a braid. Start by creating a French braid where your bangs begin on one side of your head, bringing it down ending behind your ear. Secure the braid with an elastic tucking behind your ear. Now, make a low bun at the nape of your neck. On second thought, pamper yourself and have a hairstylist create it while you sip a mimosa.

Half-Up Crown Braid

This is a perfect look for a carefree bride. After parting your hair down the middle create braids on both sides. Continue by wrapping each braid around the opposite side, using bobby pins to keep them in place. Add flowers for that special touch.

A Waterfall Braid

This is a regal looking hairstyle that will have the cameras snapping as you walk down the aisle. It is very similar to the French braid and takes only minutes to master. You start just as you would a French braid, then you release the third strand and replace it with another piece of hair under that and repeat that process. Make sure to braid horizontally, add flowers for that special touch.

Braided Wrap High Bun

If your fantasy is looking like a princess and wearing a tiara this is the style for you. It is quite simple to create. Make a high ponytail, leaving some strands loose. The strands that are loose are then braided and wrapped around the ponytail you created.

So, which braid spoke to you? Any of this styles will bring class and elegance to your very special day.

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7 Common Wedding Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make


If you are lucky enough to find the one and had the love of your life give you that special moment that every women longs for when they get down on one knee and pop the question, then you are now in the process of planning your big day. You probably feel like you are floating in the sky while being overwhelmed with all of the decisions you have to make in the next couple of months. You have probably visioned your dream wedding all your life. It is now time to make those dreams come true. This process can be extremely fun as long as you know what to avoid so that you do not end up with a disaster.

1. Never choose your wedding party to quickly. You most likely already have an idea of who you would want to be in your wedding party because they are usually your closest friends or family but be cautious in choosing too quickly. After you get engaged, your emotions are heightened and you may want to jump on it too fast. This is a mistake. Take your time in choosing and never let other people pick for you! You are not under any obligation because this is your day.

2. Under no circumstances should you choose the wedding dress that your mom likes the best. Of course, you want her to like your wedding dress but remember that this is your day so do not give up the one you love for the one she loves.

3. You need to keep in mind that yes, it is your day but do not lose sight of your guests as well. Your guests’ happiness is a very important part of the results of your wedding. Make your selections appeal to everyone.

4. Do not schedule your wedding ceremony and reception too far apart. If they are hours and hours apart, this will make your guests irritated and they will most likely not be in the party mood anymore.

5. Never have your wedding in an uncomfortable setting. The setting should be comfortable for everyone in your wedding and the guests at your wedding. Even if your dream wedding is set in the middle of the summer or dead of winter outside, this may not appeal everyone.

6. This is probably the most important rule when planning a wedding. Never exclude your groom ladies. He is the one that proposed to you in the first place so do not forget that. Unless he says otherwise, always include him in the planning and decision making.

7. Last but not least, do not forget about yourself, the bride. Do not try and please everyone else when planning for your big day. It is yours and your groom’s, no one else’s. It is of course important to make sure that your wedding party and your guests are happy but just do not forget about making yourself happy in the process.

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