Food Processor Vs. Blender: A Kitchen Debate

Food Processor Vs. Blender

Kitchen tools, to a cook, create beauty. Like a palate of colors to an artist, a Stratavarious to a violinist, or a shop filled with power equipment to a carpenter. Oh the functionality, precision, and potential for creativity! A food processor and blender are two pieces of equipment commonly found in a cook’s kitchen. Is one better then the other? Offer more options that will transform your culinary skills? Hard choice. Let’s take a realistic look at how each function.

Prep Work

The majority of time spent working in a kitchen is spent in preparation, a.k.a. prep work. If you’re a cook who opts to avoid frozen foods and prefers to serve your family and friends fresh foods, even more so. Slicing, grating, chopping, pureeing, would all be cumbersome without the use of either a food processor or blender. Slicing up a boatload of vegetables for a roast or grating cheeses for a quiche is a breeze with a food processor. Soups or smoothies turn into a “one pot meal” with the right blender. The best tool for you depends in part on how your family eats. Let’s examine.

Food Processor

A good food processor is not about the color of the base, how many buttons it has, or how shiny the chrome. You cannot see the soul of a food processor. Its measure of greatness is regarding the power of the motor. A good motor will operate the processor and it’s accessories effortlessly. With the options available vegetables are sliced to a desired thickness. Grating accessories will shred both hard and soft cheeses in seconds. Most food processors come with two blades. One chops and the other works for more delicate work as in preparing dough. Slicing, grating, chopping, and kneading all in one machine…pretty impressive.


Blenders are enjoying a re-emergence. The popularity of fruit smoothies, green drinks for meal replacement, and blended adult beverages makes the blender a prominent gadget in kitchens. Newer more efficient blenders perform even more magic. They have additional blade accessories to work dough as well as work house blades that will pulverize ice. Soups can be blended and heated in some higher end blenders now available in the marketplace. From frozen daiquiris to pumpkin soup, the blender is your no muss no fuss kitchen tool.


The debate between which tool is bigger…stronger…faster all boils down to what and how you eat. The answer to which tool holds more value to an individual is dictated by your family’s food preferences and meal plans.

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