LED Headlamps for Camping & Hunting – The Underise’s Guide

headlightIn events such as, compilation of a camping site, having a morning jog at dusk, looking for some important equipment in the loft and many more situations, a head lamp is the most convenient source of lighting. In addition to their suitability, they have more benefits such as they are long- standing, energy savers and hefty. This is mainly because of the LED in the headlamps. In the market, headlamps will vary from one another. These could be from the many variables that distinguish one model of a head lamp to another and lay out below.

Type of the beam of the headlamp and the distance

There are two main types of beams illuminated from the headlamps. These are, first the flood beam. The headlamps with such a beam are more functional in the case where the lighting circumference is wide. A good example is in the camps where the illumination is well spread. The other type of beam is the converged beam which ingenious in the case of long distance scrutiny. This is effective if the object being aimed at is at afar distance and in the dark. However, the most economical headlamps are those that can be easily adjusted into the two types of headlamps.

Headlamp Lumens and illumination duration

It is of essence to note the amount of light from the headlamps. A headlamp emitting high lumen light, the faster the energy is exhausted. This does not necessarily mean that headlamps with high lumens give the brighter light but that the utilization of the lumens makes the difference. Under the run time, the manufacturers of the headlamps determine their run time before they are recharged. Therefore, before purchasing the headlamps the specifications should be well read.

Weight of the headlamps

Batteries and additional straps on the headlamps add weight of headlamps. The bulkier the headlamp, the shorter the period it is to be used before getting worn out. Therefore, depending on the function intended for the headlamps, the buyer should check on the weight upon buying the headlamps. Normal routine headlamps should be lighter than the headlamps used for climbing purposes.

Modes of the headlamp

Another important factor is the brightness level or mode of the headlamp. Some headlamps may have three modes or even more. These modes include flash, low modes which is nifty for most chores, mid mode, boost and the high mode. Additional feature may include regulated output, red light mode, water resistance, batteries quality, battery packs and straps. These factors are useful for optimizing the need for the best headlamps.

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