Presenting The Ice Ball Maker Mold That Is Perfect For Every Kitchen is responsible for the specific designs of this silicone ice maker which measures a total of 2.5′ in diameter with the purpose of creating Ice Balls that are huge and round. The ice sphere has such a huge area that is effective for cooling down the drinks quickly and is also slow at melting. This makes it perfect for refreshments and drinks such bourbon, whiskey and scotch.

Health Boosting Benefits

This Ice Maker presents people with a way to boost their overall health adding vitamins and antioxidants into their body as well as replenishing themselves and making their friends and family happy. Among the things you can do with Ice Balls to make them rich in vitamins is use different fruits, and certain fluids to add flavor to drinks such as teas and water all day. At night, this machine is ideal for cocktails. Ice Balls can be made in any way you choose. There is no set way to make Ice Balls. You can put any amount of fruit into your ice ball maker.

Two Ways to Create Ice Balls with your Ice Maker

One way is to take your fruit and chop it into little pieces. This so that your Ice Balls can have more flavor. Then you can use your spoon to place the fruit at the base of the Ice Maker. After that you seal it and add any type of fluid of your choice which could be lemon juice, tea or water. Fill it up until it is 3/4 full. Then use your finger to cover the whole and shake the mix. Then you can place it in the freezer until it is frozen. Among the fruits that you can try are pineapples, strawberries, lemon, orange and plenty of other fruits.

Blending Fruit

You place any fruit of your choice and you can blend it until it is very smooth. Then put the Ice Maker top on the base and make sure that it is secure. Fill the mold with the contents using a funnel until it reaches the top. Make sure the funnel is not too large so that it doesn’t become messy. This works best with raspberries, bananas, strawberries, blackberries, pineapple and other fruits.

Ideas of Usage

With frozen Ice Balls you can add the contents to your glass of water. Another thing you can do is create iced tea. The fruit from the Ice Balls can make a great cocktail as well. They are good for entertaining friends and family with a tasty punch in a bowl or jug with any type of refreshments.

These fusions of Ice Balls are a lot of fun to make. You can customize it with the ingredients of your choice. You can find tons of inspiration for Ice Makers in various blogs. These Ice Balls are very enjoyable, healthy and refreshing. The Ice Maker is great for the kitchen because it provides thirst quenching refreshments.

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