Reviews for STX INTERNATIONAL STX-DEH-800W-XLS Food and Jerky Dehydrator

Do you love jerky, gardening, bread baking, making yogurt or just the pleasure of homemade foods and snacks? The STX International 800 watt dehydrator with 10 trays should be your next purchase. Imagine being able to make your own homemade jerky to your taste, or dehydrating the extra produce from your garden so you can use it all winter long or on that next road trip. This dehydrator will even allow you to proof your bread and make yogurt. So what will you get when you purchase the STX International STX-DEH-800W-XLS 800 watt dehydrator?
You will get 10 dishwasher safe, BPA free trays. These trays will allow you to dehydrate 14 square feet of your favorite fruits, vegetables or meats using 800 watts of power and 85 to 155 degrees of horizontal air flow. The STX International also has a front blank which will give you up to 6 inches of height clearance so you can proof bread, make yogurt or even dehydrate taller pieces of food. This Front Blank may need to be ordered separately. The dehydrator requires a space that fits a 19.0″ long, 15.0″ wide and 19.0″ high dehydrator. The trays are 15.0″ long and 13.5″ wide.

STX International wants you to be satisfied with your purchase and is committed to making sure you receive excellent service as a customer. In fact, their customer service rating is 99.8%. Not only does STX International want you to be a satisfied customer, but they want to ensure your dehydrator does its job by providing you with a 100% fix and replace guarantee for a full year. This guarantee also includes parts and labor for a full year.


  • 10 drawer drying capacity
  • Power to dry without a lot of noise
  • Excellent customer service if something does go wrong
  • Variety of uses this dehydrator offers


Potential for uneven drying which is easily fixed by simply rotating trays during drying process.

The STX International 800 watt dehydrator with 10 trays is a 5 star dehydrator with 5 star customer service. This dehydrator dries a variety of foods as well as raises bread and makes yogurt. There are so many things to try too like sprouting grains and making granola. Every home should have this dehydrator. You and your family will enjoy the bounty of homemade snacks, bread or yogurt customized to your taste.

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