Top Baby Play Gyms – Baby Care Mat Buying Guide

Baby Play MatWhen you get your first child, you must make sure to “baby-proof” your home. Innocent babies go through the phase of putting anything in their mouths. Create a safe, comfortable and fun environment for your child with the best baby play mat.

Large Soft Floor Surface

Begin with a soft floor surface to protect your child measuring 82.7 x 55.1 x 0.5 inches and 17.4 pounds. Find a good room to lay this baby play mat out in. Baby-proof the environment and watch your baby play! The best baby play mat is made out of a material resembling a memory foam pillow that conforms to your shape. Parents have raved about this high-quality thick, foamy mat and even used it themselves for exercising.

Safe Clean and Hygienic

Babies are likely to lick the mat surface by accident or on purpose. Thankfully, the manufacturers have tested the best baby play mat to the exacting European Toy Standards numbered EN71. These requirements create a threshold for the flammability, chemistry and mechanical attributes of the mat. This non-toxic baby mat is free of latex, BPA or lead chemical dangers.

Cushioned Surface

The cushioned surface resembles those thick foam wrestling mats. Your baby will be happy to move around with rolls, tumbles and falls. Your baby still has a soft body that can be damaged without the right protection. This baby mat protects the head, hand and leg areas during playtime. It is the perfect protection against any tiny rocks, splinters or debris found on your home floor.


With a baby, parents know the one guarantee:

Spills Happen!

Whether the spill is water, juice or body fluids, it doesn’t matter. This mat was well-made with clean-up in mind. The best Babycare baby play mat is waterproof and easy-to-clean. Just wipe it down with a soft damp cloth for foods and drinks and let dry. Your baby will be able to return to his favorite play environment in no time flat.

Reduces Noise

When you have a linoleum, tile or hardwood floor, you can hear all the noise created by your little pride-and-joy. This baby play mat is also effective at muffling noise. Sometimes, a baby will make such a loud sound he will scare himself. This mat reduces impact and insulates any floor surface. While your baby plays, he can learn letters, numbers, shapes, animals and colors stimulating his creative mind.

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